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Lithium Heparin Tubes

The inner wall of the SHIFA VAC Heparin tube is coated with spray-dried lithium, sodium, or ammonium heparin and are used for plasma determinations in chemistry. Heparin acts as an anticoagulant as it develops an antithrombin complex. This complex inhibits thrombin and thus prevents coagulation. Heparin Tubes are also available with gel separator.

Correct mixing (8-10 inversions) of SHIFA VAC tube. Heparin tube immediately after the blood sample has been taken is extremely important to avoid microclotting.

≤ 1300 g for 10 minutes at 18-25°C

Studies are available on request

Ref Number Description Draw vol. (ml) Size (mm) Additive Shelf life Label Type Pack/Carton Cap Colour
434613 3 ml K3EDTA 4ml 13x75 24 Month PET 1200Piece/carton  Green