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Pre-Coagulation Tubes

The inner wall of the serum tube is specially coated with microscopic silica particles, which activate the coagulation process. Serum separator tubes contain a separation gel in the base of the tube. Samples processed in these tubes may also be used for routine blood donor screening, immunohematology and diagnostic testing of serum for infectious disease.

The recommended minimum time for the coagulation of  serum tubes from patients who have not been treated with anticoagulants is 60 minutes.


≤ 1300 g for 10 minutes at 18-25°C


Studies are available on request

Ref Number Description Draw vol. (ml) Size (mm) Additive Shelf life Label Type Pack/Carton Cap Colour
13x75 24 Month Glass 1200Piece/carton  Blue
13x75 24 Month PET 1200Piece/carton  Blue