Shifa Urine Bag  meet all the hygienic demands whilst remaining economical with no compromise to quality. Our urine collection bag are characterised by outstanding product features such as free sampling T – port, easy to handle and hygienic non-drip outlet tap. Additionally, they are all completely free of latex and so can be used even in the presence of a latex allergy.


  • Transparent universal stepped connector for secure hanging.
  • Transparent universal stepped connector for secure fitting into all indwelling catheters or leg bag silicone outlet tubes for overnight link drainage.
  • Soft, kink resistant inlet tubing secured to ensure leak free continuous drainage.
  • Discreet printing with unique naming and numbering system for quick and easy re- ordering.
  • Durable but soft medical grade plastic material for strength as bag gradually fills.
  • Unique T – port for drainage.
  • Anti- reflux valve prevent urine back up.
  • Anti-reflux value
  • Universal inlet connector
  • T-Shape outlet valve
  • 2000 ml
  • 90 cm inlet tube
  • Construct of vinyl material
  • Available in push/pull and T-grain port
  • Tube thickness up to 8mm available